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13 Recommended Unique Tourist Attractions in the World

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Do you already know the unique tourist spots in the world? Are you interested in visiting it? Unique Tourist Attractions

If you have never visited it, maybe many people will not believe in unique places in this world. However, in reality these places really exist.

Many people even think that these unique places are photoshopped. Wow.. can you imagine the beauty and uniqueness of these tourist spots?

It turns out that many of these unique places have happened because of natural phenomena that have occurred for millions of years . It’s a very rare phenomenon.

1. Puerto Rican Beach

Puerto Rican Beach

This Puerto Rican beach is located in Bioluminenescent Bay. What’s interesting about this beach is the magical phenomenon of sparkling blue light on the sea water of the beach. The sparkling light is so amazing that it makes us astonished.

Can you imagine how amazing it will be when you swim on the beach with the sparkling light emanating from the sea water? Surely very extraordinary right?

This Puerto Rico beach can emit blue light not because of sewage or man-made pollution, you know . The sparkling blue light actually comes from millions of microorganisms that live on the seabed to the shore.

At night, these microorganisms will emit light to illuminate themselves.

2. Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain is located in the Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, near the city of Zhangye, in the northwestern part of Gansu Province. The area of ​​this rainbow mountain/hill is 510 square kilometers. The colorful rock formations on Mount Pelangi are very beautiful and unique.

He said, the beauty of the rainbow colors on the rocks on this mountain was formed by sand deposits mixed with other minerals for 24 million years.

Long enough huh? However, mountains with rainbow colors do exist and are not Photoshop  edits .

3. Tunnel of Love ( Tunnel Love )

Tunnel of Love Tunnel Love

This most romantic tunnel of love is located in Ukraine. This place can also be used as a tourist destination for holidays with your partner . The length of this tunnel is 3 km.

This tunnel is still actively crossed by trains. However, the train only transports wood and passes only once every 3 days. Usually the tourists who visit this place will also be notified of the train passing schedule.

If you are interested in visiting this place, it is recommended that you visit in spring and summer. This is because the leaves of the trees that cover the tunnel are growing thick. So, this tunnel is getting more romantic right?

Because this place is romantic, of course you should visit it with your partner. According to legend, every couple who comes to this tunnel will have a lasting love affair until death do them part .

Moreover, whatever they wish will be granted. Wow, it’s really suitable for those of you who already have a partner? Come on, hurry up and invite your partner to this romantic tunnel.

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